This section offers glimpses of the wondrous beings we are — when we define our identity not by the master narrative of separation, but rather by our relationship with the Universe.

We generally acknowledge that personality emerges from the engagement of free will with culture and Nature. As such, threads of ourselves reach down into quantum levels of information and unpredictability — narrative, biology, matter. It should not surprise us that we would also find ourselves entangled with our Planet’s macro-network — Earth's own interiority as represented by the Sun, Moon and planets.

As discussed in Handbook for a Phase Transition, a star chart depicts the solar system at the time of a person’s birth. The sketches here use poetry to describe dimensions of that moment. How that day, in light of its astronomical configuration, might be known / remembered in the mind of Mother Earth.

Someone with your same birthday, but with a different birth year than yours, will draw from a different planetary configuration. In real life, others will also come from a wholly different environment than yours. Yet, a connection between the Stars and individual identity suggests that you will find significant features of your personality in common even if only sharing the same sun sign.

Ultimately, insofar as we all participate in a collective identity, we all share — and can delight in — the unique way each of us expresses Being.