Coda: a passage that summarizes and adds to the piece or movement.

The joy and wonder of existence. The ground of our being. Human intelligence. We’re capable of responding to the challenges we face. And if there’s one thing all of us might agree on — we’re in trouble.

Decades after Nagasaki and Hiroshima, we still try to solve political differences with violence. All over the world, politicians are manipulating prejudices. Making a mockery of democracy. Disparity between the privileged ruling classes and the majority of people — pressing some into a daily struggle / others into desperate poverty — cannot be maintained.

Earth is losing species diversity. Her oceans are under stress. Rain forests are shrinking. Our plastics, our wastes are polluting the globe. The deeper into climate change, the more dire the effects and predictions. Our relationship with the planet is not sustainable.

We have come to the end of a pathway. Our world is calling for a whole new beginning. In a series of poems, Coda draws out the themes of Bridge to Change in search of that beginning.