Complexity takes place on the other side of the Bridge. Here the dreamer’s narrative recedes into the background. The storyline begins with college students encountering Complexity Theory and its model of how change happens in complex dynamic systems. Their conversations unfold aspects of the Theory that offer hope and suggest guidelines for making the changes necessary for a future on this planet: the Butterfly-Wing Effect with its implication that the least action can produce tremendous change; the Principle of Self-Organization with its indication that individual constituents of a system generate change rather than it coming from above; the description of Phase Transitions — when a system transforms completely at the very moment when its continued existence looks impossible. These ideas catalyze a movement that spreads like wildfire and links with the possibility of a Constitutional Convention.

The remainder of the book follows an imagined phase transition from a world of competition, hierarchy, greed and violence to a world of cooperation, equality, sharing and respect. Chapters detail transformations in the lives of individuals, a small town, a nation — as a Constitutional Convention in the United States institutionalizes the Great Change — with ramifications for the whole world. And glimpses of a future Peace on Earth.