Handbook for a Phase Transition

How could we create the world of Freedom, Equality, Love, Peace and Happiness that all of us can imagine and desire? The novels contribute a set of answers. Handbook for a Phase Transition abstracts the ideas and presents them in essay form.

Late twentieth century philosophical insight provides an understanding of Consciousness, the World and meaning. Post-modernism adds a framework for grasping language, narrative, microtheatres of power and the controlling effects of such cultural systems. A critique of prevailing notions of our identity breaks open the master narrative that informs our present world. Chapters about modern science, traditional religious and spiritual discourse, the arts and the stars highlight alternative narrative threads. Finally, possibilities and tools suggested by Complexity Theory inform a Plan of Action.

Handbook for a Phase Transition is an invitation. A guide for completely transforming our world from what we have to what all of us would wish to create.