A phase transition — the transformation of our present world into the one all of us would like to see — is what we urgently need. But what makes us think we could do it? Improbable seeks to answer that question.

Using an outline/poetic form, Improbable draws on elements developed throughout the Bridge to Change site and adds to them, weaving together a reply — at once simple and complex. Simple, because we each know that we ourselves have changed in our lifetimes. Complex, because of the unconscious factors involved. And the deep disagreements presently dividing us.

Part I acknowledges our common need, our common ground. Part II seeks a basis for going forward in scientific knowledge about Nature and the Universe. Part III recaps human history, noting our problems — and at the same time, the solutions that have been with us all along. Part IV lays bare the roots of our troubles. Part V summarizes our reasons for believing a phase transition possible, and suggests what we each might do while there‚Äôs still time.