Merlin's Parole

Merlin’s Parole, takes place at the intersection of actual events and storytelling, memory and fantasy. A dreamer comes to a chasm with a raging torrent down below. Seeing no way across, he inquires at the Bridgekeeper’s cabin. The Bridgekeeper seems willing to help, but only if the Dreamer recounts how he reached her door.

His story moves from the football field to the monastery, to campus peace activism, the counterculture and Woodstock, a printing cooperative, a move from the Midwest to Berkeley and a marriage. The narrative retraces an intellectual journey from Medieval cosmology through Existentialism, Relativity Theory, feminism and first glimmerings of cultural analysis. Struck by the observable link between individual identity and the Stars, the narrator delves deeply into such disallowed possibilities. Serendipitous events and experiences spur him to identify with Merlin, the mythological political advisor with one foot in another world.

Land and people become a vital part of the story, as he hitchhikes across the United States telling people about their Stars, and then undertakes a first transcontinental Walk. Discovering that the Constitution provides an orderly and democratic means to effect change, he sets out to promote Article V — and finds himself transformed.