We’re daily reminded that we live in a Global Village. Interdependent on One Another; interwoven with the animals, plants, all of Life; entangled with the Planet. A World calling for new understandings of Who we are, Where we are, and What we mean to Earth and One Another.

Sadly however, three quarters of a century after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we still resort to violence to settle our political differences. After slavery and the Holocaust, still believe our interests can be separate from each Other. Years after dire warnings, continue an unsustainable relationship with Nature. We’re obviously missing something.

We could argue over what it is — or turn for assistance to the most reliable and accurate sources for knowledge that we have, Science and Scholarship. Rethinking aims to bring together agreed upon description of our World, in order to update understandings about Ourselves — outline a roadmap to help us get beyond this pathway’s end.