Covid-19 has us awash in tears. Even as we see hope for its end, we know we’ll not forget its lessons: That we’re all in this together, just as we are in the face of the Climate Crisis. We’re networked with One Another. Globally connected. And when we need reliable information — about the dimensions of a problem and what we can do about it — we turn to Science.

Yet, Science doesn’t seem to be able to help us unify in order to do what needs to be done. Even to follow its recommendations. Or, it would seem, to discern truth.
Why not? And more importantly, isn’t there any way that it could?

Rethinking explores this question, examining the development of the scientific perspective and issues raised by recent findings. Placing Science alongside other areas of expertise and scholarship, such as Philosophy and Linguistics, Rethinking suggests an update to the narratives we — including scientists — have been telling ourselves about Who we are, our Relationship with Each Other, Nature and our place in the Universe. So that we might find a way to move forward together.